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Crucial cover for pharma with new business interruption insurance We’ve seen all too often the disruption events such as extreme weather can bring to pharmaceutical production, but it doesn’t always require a natural catastrophe to shut things down. The end-point … Continue reading

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Challenging Big and Mid Pharma Industry paradigms A superb new book: Find It, File It, Flog It: Pharma’s Crippling Addiction and How to Cure it, includes expert witness from Catherine Geyman of Intersys. Hedley Rees issues his challenge to the … Continue reading


There are an increasing list of reasons for Senior Management Teams to understand the risks inherent all tiers of their supply chains. Intersys was invited to speak at a leading re-insurer’s conference on Contingent Business Interruption Insurance (earnings protection against … Continue reading

The last three years have seen an unprecedented rise in drug shortages in both Europe and America. The number of shortages in the US has been growing steadily from 70 in 2006, peaking at 276 in 2011 . However this … Continue reading

Contingent Business Interruption Risk Coverage Natural disasters across the Globe in 2011 (the Japan Tsunami in March last year, and the Thailand Floods from July to December) have had a far-reaching and lasting impact on businesses small and large world-wide, … Continue reading

The tsunami in Japan in March this year caused a dreadful loss of life and unquantifiable human suffering. It also damaged the country’s economy and its industrial base. The full impact (in a broader, global sense), is more difficult to … Continue reading

Mining and Steel – What’s the immediate impact and long term outlook? The impact of the devastating floods in Queensland will be felt through global supply chains for many months to come. Almost 70% of global steel production is dependent … Continue reading

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Supply Chain Impact of Water Shortages

Whilst the December snowfalls have taken their toll on the UK’s ability to deliver Christmas goodies, the impact of the thaw is creating further disruption for many companies. The water shortage in Northern Ireland is continuing to affect a huge … Continue reading

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There certainly is a spectrum of views on the UK’s ability to plan for and react to extreme weather events. These range from the average man on the street complaining that the UK will always grind to a halt after … Continue reading

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2010 – a year of surprises? Or was it all pretty predictable? 2010 started uncomfortably for certain organisations with freezing Eurostar trains stuck in the Channel Tunnel and the threat of Pandemic flu still just lurking just over the horizon. … Continue reading

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