The Team behind SCAIR®

SCAIR® was developed by Intersys’ team of dedicated risk and IT specialists in 2006. Their combined expertise in the fields of supply chain risk and IT consulting have helped transform the supply chain risk assessment process.

Catherine Geyman

Director, Risk Management, Intersys Ltd

Catherine has over 17 years of experience in the risk management sector and specialises in Supply Chain Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management consulting and insurance risk analysis and modelling.

As a supply chain risk professional, she saw the potential for creating a robust enterprise platform for risk assessment that went beyond the limits of traditional spreadsheet SCRM modelling.

Catherine thus led the development of SCAIR® when she joined Intersys in 2006. Formerly a pharmaceutical project engineer, Catherine’s experience is rooted in a process control/electrical engineering and supply chain risk analysis background within a leading bio-pharmaceutical company.

Catherine spearheads SCAIR® projects and her sound knowledge of the unique requirements of the supply chain risk field has enabled clients to significantly improve their supply chain optimisation efforts.
Catherine Geyman
Matthew Geyman

Matthew Geyman

Director, Intersys Ltd

Matthew started Intersys Ltd as a family-owned business in 1995 and has today grown it into an award-winning, ISO 27001 certified, IT Consultancy servicing clients in a wide range of sectors.

Matthew brings over 25 years of experience in IT consulting and software development experience to SCAIR®.

Tony Healey

Senior Analyst/Developer

Tony is a hugely experienced developer, with a background in the London Insurance Market, who has designed and written software systems for a wide range of industries for the past 22 years.

Tony has been SCAIR® ’s Lead Analyst/Developer since day one, back in 2006. This technical oversight, continuity in code design and development leadership brings immense benefits in terms of the stability, reliability, and functionality of SCAIR®.

Other Intersys Team Members - Systems Architects, Software Developers

SCAIR® also draws from the deep pool of experience brought by Intersys’ team of 25. This includes Database Administration, Cloud Architecture, Cyber Security, Software Development and Systems Support and Engineering.
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