Regulatory Incident Monitor: Pharma  Non- Compliance Trending and Alerting

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to produce a supplier’s complete non-compliance history? Do you wish there was a way to access multiple data sources without having to check multiple websites?

Let Regulatory Incident Monitor from SCAIR® make your job easier. Use the tool to view any company’s detailed supply chain compliance history. Get full non-compliance data from multiple North American and European medicines regulators. Discover the power of a single report.

At a glance regulatory trends from FDA and EMA

Browse this wide-ranging dataset to find the North American or European compliance history for your chosen company

Watch the video and see how it works

How can Regulatory Incident Monitor make your job easier?

Perform supplier/CMO due diligence in one report with the complete history of regulatory non-compliances.

Get a company’s non-compliance history in seconds, and all in one report.

No need to visit multiple websites.

Access to much more than just FDA data

Get the most up to date consolidated view of published non-compliances

By reporting on major product recalls, shortages and supply interruptions, Monitor can help you:

  • Identify opportunities to fill gaps in the market
  • Benchmark against competitors

Monitor’s extensive database of company names (extracted from multiple regulatory sources) means that you can select records associated with Company name variants/subsidiaries, to provide a complete history in one report

Monitor combines non-compliance data with registration/certification data to enable supplier selection and validation.

Who is Regulatory Incident Monitor for?