SCAIR®: Helping Protect Global Supply Chains since 2006

Are you looking for a strategic solution to help optimise your supply chain risk assessment process?

Do you want to move way from spreadsheets to a more sophisticated mapping tool that collates risk data, enables cross-team collaboration, stress tests different threat scenarios and accurately generates loss estimates for your business?

Welcome to SCAIR® from Intersys Ltd.

A brief history

Transforming the Supply Chain Risk Assessment Process

Developed by Intersys Ltd in 2006, SCAIR® was the first supply chain risk management software to go to market in the UK. Since then it has picked up a Business Insurance Innovation Award, collaborated with Cambridge University in the prestigious ReMediES project and gained UKAS accredited ISO27001 certification through its parent company Intersys Ltd.

SCAIR® was developed by pharmaceutical risk managers with an in-depth knowledge of global supply chains and their unique challenges. It was designed taking into account the long lead times and multi stage characteristics of pharma supply chains.

SCAIR® soon became one of the first tools used by leading global bio-pharmaceutical businesses to empower their internal risk and supply chain teams. It transformed the supply chain risk analysis process with its unique functionality such as the ability to collate data from different sources, create supply chain maps that could be updated by cross departmental teams and generate loss estimates that represent true value at risk.

Thanks to SCAIR®, organisations were able to optimise their insurance buying/risk financing decisions without the constant support of specialist risk consultants.

SCAIR® today

Innovating in Pharma and Beyond

SCAIR®’s suite of tools is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a complete supply chain risk quantification solution.

Our current clients include three out of the top twelve global pharmaceutical companies.

SCAIR® has also been used beyond the bio-pharma industry in other high value, multi-stage production businesses specialising in medical devices, speciality chemicals, telecoms, engineering and also by supply chain risk consultants.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end solution for your company’s supply chain risk assessment needs, contact us today to see how we can help you.