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Pharma Supply Chain Risk Management Software and Consultancy from SCAIR®
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SCAIR: Monitor. Plan. Prortect.


The Award-Winning Pharma Supply Chain Risk Management Software for Operational Resilience

SCAIR® maps and models your business’ global supply chain relationships, so you can build resilience into your supply networks, monitor compliance, and protect your organisation’s profits.

This award-winning tool has been designed specifically for the unique characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry: batch manufacture, multinational supply chains and strict medical regulation.

SCAIR® is the go-to product for pharma organisations – and other highly regulated industries like insurance – that have a relentless desire to ensure business continuity and success.
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Best-in-Class Support and Consultancy from the Supply Chain Experts

SCAIR® is more than pharmaceutical supply chain risk management software. It is a new mindset towards resilience that includes high-level consultancy from our supply chain risk experts.

Integrating and updating data between supply chain data sources can be tricky. That’s why we will work closely with you to incorporate our innovative tool into your processes to extract invaluable data, to power your organisation towards supply chain success.

We are supply chain risk experts and thought leaders who can also offer you pioneering strategies and consultancy alongside or completely independent of SCAIR®, to help you develop formidable resilience and a competitive edge.
Launched in 2006, SCAIR® was the first pharma supply chain risk management software to go to market in the UK. Our team has worked with dozens of life sciences clients and highly regulated industries, including FTSE 100-listed businesses and global names in Insurance and Reinsurance. Our software and consultancy reflect this specialist insight.


Our Award-Winning Pharma Supply Chain Risk Management Software Will Help You:

Assess Current Risk
Undertake supply node risk assessments and prioritisation plans. Generate site and supplier risk profiles across a business' entire profile.
Visually Map Supply Chains
Get an intuitive view of end-to-end supply chains, critical supply points, and their relationships.
Assess Threat Impacts
Produce accurate business interruption loss estimates for potential supply chain disruptions.
Stress Test Supply Chains
Model multiple threat scenarios (physical, commercial, natural disaster) and quantify the impact of risk mitigation.
Programme Insurance
Leverage data for insurance programme design.
Respond to Threats
Via natural disaster and regulatory compliance alerts.

How SCAIR® Will Benefit
Your Organisation

Make Better Decisions

Using hierarchical modeling, SCAIR® shows you how supply chain disruptions can impact product sales and market share. You can then improve your supply chain decision making, by focusing on the value at risk.

Protect Profits

SCAIR® enables finance, risk, and supply chain managers to calculate the cost of business interruption losses should a critical supply point be lost, by drawing on existing business data.

Transforming Strategies

Our consultancy will help you integrate SCAIR® for maximum benefit. We can also sensitively refine your existing strategies or offer deep-dive consultation to ensure you are resilient.

Develop a Competitive Edge

The latest version of SCAIR® offers practical and visual tools, such as our downstream stock calculator and supply chain process flow diagrams, to help you rapidly develop strategic insights.


Created by the Life Sciences Supply Chain Experts

SCAIR® is a meeting of minds between risk management consultant Catherine Geyman, former pharma risk managers and high-level software engineers.

Catherine is a leading name in supply chain risk consulting, helping global pharmaceutical brands with strategy and collaborating with academic institutions, including Cambridge University, on supply chain methodologies and research.

The SCAIR® team has brought together pharmaceutical industry and insurance risk management expertise to create a specialised pharmaceutical supply chain risk management software as a SaaS product. The team has worked with many life sciences clients, including five in the top 20 worldwide (by revenue).
The right expertise. The right software. The right product for supply chain resilience for life sciences and highly regulated industries.
I think the real benefit of SCAIR® is that it is a simple and effective tool that helps to make sense of a complex area of risk, cutting down significantly on the amount of management time and expense required.
- Consulting Lead from Jardine Lloyd Thompson


A Simpler, More Intuitive Way to View Complex Supply Chain Risk

Making intelligent decisions based on supply chain data can be tricky. Our pharmaceutical supply chain risk management software offers an intuitive interface that puts all the data at your fingertips, so you can make strategic decisions and build operational resilience.

Integrated View

No need to manage separate flowcharts and unwieldy spreadsheets – SCAIR® integrates the visuals with the numbers.

Breadth and Depth

The software combines exposure estimation with compliance and natural catastrophe monitoring. You can also compare impact of different scenarios e.g. different stock holdings and dual sourcing.

Accessible Anywhere

Supply chain data is stored in a central database accessible anywhere using a standard browser. Ideal for multi-user set up and cross organisation collaboration.


SCAIR® can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, so you have the right data in front of you to move your resilience strategy forwards.
Illustration: Supply Chain Risk Assessment


A Hosted Service Delivered Securely

SCAIR® has been designed for multi-national enterprises that demand the highest standards of IT security and confidentiality. SCAIR®, and parent company Intersys, have routinely been subject to and passed rigorous IT due diligence processes.

SCAIR® is available as a secure, fully hosted solution (Software as a Service – SaaS).

Each client is provided with their own, dedicated virtual server, hosted in a fully accredited Tier 1 data centre. Intersys provides a fully hosted service which includes technical administration, maintenance and upgrades, and annual penetration and DR tests.

Microsoft Azure is the typical hosting platform, administered and maintained by Intersys, which is ISO27001 certified.

No effort is required by your IT department to set up the service. All you’ll need is Edge or Chrome.


From the Thought Leaders in the Supply Chain field

SCAIR®'s lead designer was part of an industry-wide collaboration project called ReMediES  (Re-Configuring Medicine's End-to-End Supply), a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, GSK, AstraZeneca and several other organisations. See the ReMediES white paper on managing supply chain risk in pharma and read more about the project here.
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Strengthen Your Supply Chains with SCAIR®

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