Secure your Supply Chain with SCAIR®

Risk Management Software from Intersys

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And if that link breaks, the resulting business disruption can cause catastrophic losses to your operations. SCAIR® identifies those weak links, so you can strengthen your supply chain and keep turning bigger profits.

Anticipate supply chain disruption. Analyse financial risk.
Protect your business.

All your supply chain compliance history in one report

SCAIR’s brand new module Regulatory Incident Monitor, gives a detailed history of any pharma company’s supply chain compliance history.

Get details on product recalls, inspection alerts, drug shortages and more. Here you’ll find data from FDA, Health Canada, MHRA, EDQM & EMA, all in one place.

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SCAIR is an award-winning, sophisticated supply chain mapping tool that helps manufacturing companies visualise their global, end-to-end supply chains. Its unique flow-chart driven structure allows you to map supply chains, quantify business interruption losses and stress test different supply chain contingency scenarios.

Instant visualisation with easy-to-use graphical interface

Cross-organisation collaboration with multi-user set up

Bespoke options tailored to your business’s needs

Secure, enterprise-grade hosting

Make Better Business Decisions with SCAIR®

SCAIR® has been supporting supply chain robustness in a variety of sectors from global biopharmaceuticals to insurance and brokers since 2006. SCAIR® shows you how supply chain disruptions can impact product sales and market share. This data can be used to:

  • respond appropriately and decisively to modelled failures in your supply chain
  • improve supply chain decision making, by focussing on the value at risk and prioritising your supply chain efforts.

Protect your Profit Margins by Calculating Business Interruption Loss

It’s crucial to ensure the security of your supply chain in today’s increasingly dynamic and global business environment. SCAIR® enables risk and supply chain managers to estimate the impact on profits by drawing on existing business data should a critical supply point be lost.


Work with a Thought Leader in the Supply Chain Risk Field

SCAIR®’s lead designer was also part of an industry-wide collaboration project called ReMediES (Re-configuring Medicines End-to-End Supply). ReMediES was a collaboration between University of Cambridge, GSK, Astra Zeneca and several other organisations, and we were one of three authors of a recent ReMediES white paper looking at managing supply chain risk in pharma. Why not bring similar industry-leading expertise to your sector, and a competitive advantage to your business? Find out more about our work with ReMediES here.


Map out critical supply points and their relationships.

Produce loss estimates for failures in supply chains that could result in supply interruption.

Generate internal site and supplier risk profiles across a business’s in supply portfolio.

Estimate the impact of different threat scenarios (physical, commercial, natural disaster).

Geographically map critical supply points.

SCAIR®: The Supply Chain Risk Analysis Expert

SCAIR® was the first supply chain risk quantification software to go to market in the UK. It was developed by Intersys Ltd through a collaboration of pharmaceutical risk managers and has been helping protect global supply chains since 2006. Since then it has won a Business Insurance Innovation Award and its parent platform – Intersys – holds UKAS accredited ISO27001 certification. Here’s why it has been a trusted partner to global enterprises and world leading life science organisations.


  • Handles multi-stage, complex supply chains
  • Multi-user set up enables collaboration across your organisation including non-risk, supply chain and finance professionals
  • Customisable technology and bespoke options available
  • Graphically driven enabling complex supply chain visualisation


  • Cost benefit analysis of the value of investing in contingency plans against the value and market share at risk
  • Detailed understanding of impact of different events on supply chains
  • Loss estimates used to optimise insurance buying or risk financing decisions


  • SCAIR®’s parent company Intersys, an ISO 27001 accredited and Microsoft Gold Partner IT consulting firm, will:
    • Help you extract the relevant information from your business with its tried and tested supply chain risk consultancy
    • Support you in the optimum setup and structuring of the tool.
  • SCAIR® comes with enterprise grade hosting that includes SaaS (Software as a Service) on Tier 1 hosting platform, Single tenant/dedicated servers, security externally validated SaaS solution and integration into enterprise SSO (Single Sign On), aligning with your corporate security goals


  • Latest version includes incident monitor (bio-pharma regulatory non-compliance trending and alerting) and natural catastrophe alerting (natural disaster warning and supply chain impact mapping)