SCAIR® Case Study

How companies can comply with UK law by putting a value on supply sites vulnerable to climate change.

Climate Change

The Requirement

In line with Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, since April 2022 over 1,300 of the largest public and private companies in the UK have been required by law to quantify and disclose climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

Predicting which sites and suppliers in supply chains could be impacted – and what the financial implications could be – is extremely important for insurers and supply chain-dependent clients alike. However, it is not an easy task.

The Solution

Using SCAIR®, companies can determine ‘value at risk’ for key sites and suppliers. This information can be leveraged to fulfil climate change financial reporting requirements as follows:

1) Taking the address and latitude / longitude of the most exposed manufacturing locations

2) Obtaining the most accurate data on natural catastrophe and climate change-related risks by tapping into NATHAN, one of the most trusted names in location-based risk intelligence.

NATHAN can use its natural catastrophe modelling experience to identify which sites are vulnerable to the standard climate change scenarios. By agreeing future state assumptions, a value at risk can be placed on these sites.

The Results

Using SCAIR®, companies can get the best estimate of their future value at risk across their portfolio for climate-related incidents, so that appropriate action can be taken.

They can also ensure they are fully compliant with UK law and ‘do the right thing’ from a corporate social responsibility perspective.

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