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Crucial cover for pharma with new business interruption insurance We’ve seen all too often the disruption events such as extreme weather can bring to pharmaceutical production, but it doesn’t always require a natural catastrophe to shut things down. The end-point … Continue reading

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The thing about the hurricane season is it’s always easy to speak too soo. We noted a couple of weeks ago that Puerto Rico, a key production centre for pharma manufacturers, had escaped the worst of hurricane Irma. Yet the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma once again shows us the importance of mapping supply chain risks for the pharmaceuticals industry. The storm has passed, but the effects will be felt for months to come. In the Florida Keys up to a quarter of … Continue reading

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There’s work to be done on all sides – not just by the negotiators – to prepare supply chains for a future outside the EU. For anyone already sick of Brexit, Michael Barnier’s recent announcement won’t have been encouraging: “The hard … Continue reading

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Continuous manufacturing could have significant success in improving the pharmaceuticals supply chain, but challenges remain. The journey to continuous manufacturing in pharmaceuticals is going to be a long one. As a recent report on another, related technology – 3D printing – made … Continue reading

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Businesses have a window of opportunity to make preparations for a more protectionist future. It will not be open forever. John Major’s intervention aside, a hard Brexit remains the government’s position on the EU, and industries are starting to take … Continue reading

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It’s a new year, but the problems for supply chains are much the same. Among them, increasingly, is industrial action. December drew comparisons with the Winter of Discontent with strikes or threats by Post Office staff, train and tube drivers, … Continue reading

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The new Cyber Highway service makes it easier than ever for businesses to start to asses the cyber security of their suppliers. It’s an opportunity more need to take. Cyber is rising up the supply chain. Last month former Home … Continue reading

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EU vote has brought risks, but also opportunities. It’s time for a review. Brexit is among the factors pushing supply chain risks to a three-year high, according to a new survey. The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply quarterly Risk … Continue reading

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Brexit means uncertainty and complexity for supply chains, but that shouldn’t stop us planning We know the result, but not much more. The only certain conclusion we can draw from the EU referendum vote is that we’re in for a … Continue reading

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As of 2016, the downloadable Product Summary for SCAIR highlights the features of latest iteration of this award winning SCRM / Supply Chain Risk Management Software. SCAIR is used by some of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical and other manufacturing organisations, … Continue reading

Challenging Big and Mid Pharma Industry paradigms A superb new book: Find It, File It, Flog It: Pharma’s Crippling Addiction and How to Cure it, includes expert witness from Catherine Geyman of Intersys. Hedley Rees issues his challenge to the … Continue reading


Shifting sands

The Paris attacks have been another harsh reminder that the risks the world faces are increasingly global. Being in the West does not make us immune to the threat of ISIS. Unlike terrorism, however, natural disasters are often assumed to … Continue reading

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SCAIR (Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risks) is available as a Cloud Hosted  Software As A Service model. You can expect your Supply Chain Risk Management provider to take data security seriously and we work hard to ensure that sensitive … Continue reading

The final installment to a Q&A series, generated following a prominent Risk Management publication’s request for industry expert opinion. q. “What tools can companies use to manage their supply chains and ensure they have up-to-date information on their whole extended … Continue reading

The second part of a series in which Catherine Geyman, of Intersys Risk, answers questions posed by a prominent Risk Management publication. q.”What are the challenges to managing the risks a modern, global supply chain presents? Can you give any … Continue reading

Catherine Geyman, of Intersys Risk, was asked by a prominent Risk Management publication to give her opinion on a number of topical issues. The publication summarised and, for clarity, her full answers are shown below. q: Have lessons been learned … Continue reading

The impact of the recent floods in Thailand upon hard disk drive (HDD) production in the fourth quarter of this year means retailers world-wide are bracing themselves for PC shortages in the run up to Christmas. This HDD availability issue … Continue reading

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Compared to sudden economic downturns, terrorist attacks, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like, the next potential disaster to hit global supply chains could be pretty left-field. It’s all to do with the cyclic behaviour of the sun… The sun’s magnetic field … Continue reading

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In today’s global supply chains, the threats that are most likely to elude identification are those buried deep in an organisation’s upstream supply chains. The loss of a direct, single source of a key material could prove a major headache … Continue reading

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Some ERP systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards and Dynamics have very strong Supply Chain functionality, however do not focus on the SCRM issues addresses by SCAIR. Whilst ERP systems manage the resources, SCAIR translates the financial impacts and is … Continue reading

SCAIR, our award winning Supply Chain Risk Management software is in use by a number of global organisations who understand the criticality of their supply chains and want to protect themselves against their disruption. Insurance Industry: the 4th largest insurance … Continue reading

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Intersys joined 7 highly respected companies in New York to accept awards from Business Insurance, who recognised SCAIR, our ‘Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risks’ software as bringing innovation to the insurance industry. SCAIR is used by insurers to help … Continue reading

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If you’re a Risk Manager, Supply Chain Professional or just someone concerned with the health of your manufacturing functions, how can you be sure you have fully considered your supply chain vulnerabilities? Our software, SCAIR: Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption … Continue reading

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It pays to have supply chain backup plans, providing you know what to back up. SCAIR™ helps you improve supply chain risk decision making. The outputs from SCAIR™ enable you to quantify the impact of critical supply point failure on … Continue reading

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