Reduce Business Risks with Supply Chain Risk Assessment from SCAIR®

Identify, track and manage supply chain exposure

Give your business a competitive advantage with supply chain risk assessment from SCAIR®. By understanding and preparing for supply chain interruptions, your business will be a crucial step ahead when a crisis does happen.

SCAIR® has been designed to address the unique needs of the biopharmaceutical industry’s highly regulated multistage supply chains. Our Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risks tool (SCAIR®) quantifies and represents risks associated with each step of the chain. We can help you to identify risks for both internal (owned sites) and external (suppliers and contract manufacturers) supply chains. We then provide an objective assessment process to help shape your business’ supply chain risk mitigation strategies.

SCAIR® Supply Chain Risk Management Process

SCAIR risk assessment

Get a competitive advantage with SCAIR®

Rapid crisis response
(Limit reputational damage and potential losses)

Outsource decisions based on value at risk
(Focus on value at risk not volume of spend)

Cost vs benefit analysis of risk mitigation
(Quantify value at risk and evaluate the need to hold stock or establish alternate supplies)

Improve insurance buying decisions
(Create a more robust risk profile in the mind of insurers. Get access to expanded insurance cover and innovative triggers)