Supply Chain Risk Assessment Software

Protect your organisation’s profits and get an edge over the competition with the supply chain risk assessment software designed for life sciences and highly regulated industries including insurance and reinsurance.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Identify, Track and Manage Supply Chain Exposure

By understanding and preparing for supply chain interruptions, you will be a crucial step ahead when a crisis does happen.
Our Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risks software tool (SCAIR®) quantifies and represents risks associated with each step of the supply chain.

Shape Supply Chain Strategies for Highly Regulated Industries and Insurers

Our supply chain risk assessment software can help you to identify risks including pharma supply chain challenges for both internal (owned sites) and external (suppliers and contract manufacturers) sites. We then provide an objective assessment process to help shape your business’ supply chain risk mitigation strategies.
Illustration of Supply Chain Risk Management Process Lifecycle

Get a Competitive
Advantage with SCAIR®

Rapid crisis response

Limit reputational damage and potential losses

Outsource decisions based on value at risk

Focus on value at risk not volume of spend

Cost benefit analysis of risk mitigation

Quantify value at risk; decide to hold stock or establish alternate supplies


includes five functions to help you undertake analysis in the following areas:

Supplier Vulnerabilty (Risk) Assessment
Focus on critical supply nodes for more detailed exposure estimation.
Supplier Node Exposure Estimator
Understand the impact on your bottom line.
Regulatory Incident Monitoring
Monitor your supply base.
Natural Catastrophe Alerting
Identify major geographical interruption risks.
Climate Change Modelling
Quantify the financial impact of climate change scenarios

Find out more below about the supply chain risk assessment tools that make SCAIR® the leading software of its kind for operational resilience.

SCAIR® Function 1:
Supplier Vulnerability Risk Assessment

The first challenge on your risk assessment journey is sorting the thousands of suppliers that serve your business into those that are most critical.
SCAIR®’s SRA module helps you focus in on the single-sourced, capacity-constrained or otherwise unique suppliers by configuring a scoring system based on your chosen criteria. The smart software uploads the lists of materials and consolidates them into supplier sites and feeds the most critical forward for further analysis.

The power of supplier scorecards

Let SCAIR® manage the consolidation of long lists of material SKUs into supplier scorecards, and facilitate prioritisation for financial exposure estimation by:

  • Aggregating individual material SKUs at a supplier site level
  • Classifying materials by categories/subcategories, for reporting/review purposes
  • Facilitating the scoring of supplier sites according to the criticality criteria set by the business
  • Passing the highest-scoring supplier sites onto the Supply Node Exposure Estimator for financial risk quantification


Import Material/SKU data:

Supplier Name/Site

Material Name/Site


Own site/Division


Aggregate Material SKUs by Supplier site

Material Scoring

If Risk Scores/Mitigations not imported, then enter Scores & Mitigation

Exposure to Product

For each Supplier Site take the 'Worst Score'

Material per product:
Use Recovery Time Rules, Generate total Supplier Site GP Exposure across portfolio


Use PowerBi to drill down by:

- Supplier

- Material

SCAIR® Function 2:
Supply Node Exposure Estimator to Understand the Impact on your Bottom Line

SCAIR®’s Supply Node Exposure Estimator module is the tried-and-tested business interruption estimation tool that can help you understand the most vulnerable links in your organisation’s product supply chain. It maps out critical supply points and their relationships with each other and calculates loss estimates for the company-wide financial impact of failed supply nodes.

This vital information can be used to identify mitigation measures that provide an acceptable level of risk to the business. It can also shape the design of corporate business interruption insurance programmes.
Diagram showing map of Europe titled Supply Node Exposure
Photo of laptop on desk displaying charts

Map Value and Vulnerability through Supply Chain Risk Quantification

By using existing business data such as internal planning information and profit predictions, the Supply Node Exposure Estimator quantifies the accumulated exposure of your business’s portfolio of products for each critical supply point. These include owned internal locations as well as third party suppliers.

The quantification process results in individual loss estimates for each supply point. These loss calculations model the financial damage caused by a supply interruption, accounting not only for profits lost during the period that a company is unable to supply the market, but also the on-going impact of a supply interruption in terms of permanent loss in market share. All loss estimates can include:

  • The gross profit loss during the supply outage which is dependent on the scenario
  • The loss in market share once the supply of product is restored
  • The additional cost of working

Prioritise Risk Mitigating Actions

The Supply Node Exposure Estimator’s loss estimates represent the true value at risk to your business’ complete product portfolio. This data can be used to inform cost benefit analysis of investments in contingencies and the prioritisation of mitigation actions. It can also be used to optimise insurance buying or risk financing decisions.
Diagram showing map of Europe titled Supply Node Exposure
Photo showing man's hands typing on a laptop

Data and Analytics for Better Insurance Planning and Risk Profiling

Insurers are looking for better visibility of your business’ supply chain so they can underwrite its supply chain risk. Give them total visibility across all data at multiple tiers of the supply chain and they have a robust and quantified risk profile that they can underwrite and sell.
The Supply Node Exposure Estimation function provides supply chain risk assessment data and analytics that can help you analyse and visualise the main outputs from SCAIR®, helping to inform your insurance plans. We can analyse own site and supplier risk profiles and build bespoke business interruption insurance programmes. This information can also enable access to expanded coverage and triggers.

Ensure Stronger Risk Mitigation

You’ll also be able to illustrate your risk improvement plans with our year-on-year exposure modelling. For e.g., we can help you find out how the number of sites or suppliers above a certain financial exposure threshold can change between annual data review cycles – an important step towards risk mitigation.
Photo showing male and female analysing printed out charts

SCAIR® Function 3:
Regulatory Incident Consolidator to Help You Monitor Your Supply Base

Biopharma companies are among the most scrutinised organisations in the world. It’s crucial you don’t fall foul of exacting regulatory standards and suffer huge losses in profits and investor confidence as a result of enforcement action.
A critical step in monitoring the compliance status of your supply base is collating non-compliance data from multiple medicines regulators. This can be a complex and time-consuming task.

The Data You Need – at Your Fingertips

Let us do the leg work for you with SCAIR®’s unique Regulatory Incident Consolidator module. The consolidator quickly and efficiently collates and analyses non-compliance data from major life sciences industry regulators. This extensive dataset helps enable analysis of specific incidents and prediction of trends – a big part of any due diligence process.
We can also use this data to create qualified risk analysis packages to support your corporate insurance procurement.
Regulatory Incident Consolidator

SCAIR® Function 4:
Natural Catastrophe Alerting to Identify Major Geographical Interruption Risks with SCAIR®

Natural disasters pose a significant threat to supply chains globally. The resulting raw materials scarcity and production delays on just one site can lead to international product shortages, seriously damaging a brand and its profits.
SCAIR®’s Natural Catastrophe Alerting module enables rapid response in a crisis, saving your organisation millions. If the crisis also impacts competitors, this supply chain risk assessment tool can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Mapping Critical Locations

The tool provides warnings of hurricanes and reports of earthquakes and floods. These alerts are mapped on your supply chain’s critical locations, so you have a visual representation of the disasters’ path and the supply points which are most at risk.
Once you’ve identified the impact of the natural disaster on your supply chain, you can invoke local Business Continuity Plans to limit damage. These could include shutting down facilities and re-routing products in a controlled manner and enabling rapid response.
Catastrpohe Alerting

SCAIR® Function 5:
Climate Change Modelling

In line with Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, since April 2022 over 1,300 of the largest public and private companies in the UK have been required by law to quantify and disclose climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

Predicting which sites and suppliers in supply chains could be impacted – and what the financial implications could be – is extremely important for insurers and supply chain-dependent clients alike. However, it is not an easy task.

Quantify the financial impact of climate change scenarios

Using SCAIR®, companies can determine ‘value at risk’ for key sites and suppliers. This information can be leveraged to fulfil climate change financial reporting requirements as follows:

  1. Taking the address and latitude / longitude of the most exposed manufacturing locations
  2. Obtaining the most accurate data on natural catastrophe and climate change-related risks by tapping into NATHAN, one of the most trusted names in location-based risk intelligence.
Climate Modelling


We Keep Updating Our Software, You Keep Getting a Competitive Edge

The SCAIR team has many years of experience supporting complex multinationals and has developed deep insights into supply chain risk.
We keep building this knowledge into SCAIR®, offering new updates and tools. The latest version includes many new features, including:

A smart downstream stock calculator

which works out the total downstream stock protecting a node based on downstream relationships. This facilitates the calculation of supplier revenues dependencies (based on the manufacturing sites and products that they supply)

Supply chain process flow diagrams

that are automatically generated through relationships

PowerBI reporting

slice and dice data any way you choose

Rapid supplier prioritisation

the ability to narrow down thousands of suppliers to those that are most critical and need to be quantified (through our SRA module).
Climate Modelling
Friendly Assistant

Find out more about how SCAIR® ’s supply chain risk assessment and management tools can help your organisation identify, track, and manage supply chain exposure – and protect your profits.

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