Who uses SCAIR, our Risk Management Software?

SCAIR, our award winning Supply Chain Risk Management software is in use by a number of global organisations who understand the criticality of their supply chains and want to protect themselves against their disruption.

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Supply Chain backup plans, weak links and Acts Of God.

It pays to have supply chain backup plans, providing you know what to back up.
SCAIR® helps you improve supply chain risk decision making. The outputs from SCAIR® enable you to quantify the impact of critical supply point failure on your bottom line, helping formulation of appropriate continuity plans and increased levels of preparedness should the unthinkable happen.

Having a weak link in your supply chain isn't a problem. If you know where it lies.
SCAIR® makes supply chain exposures - and their remedies - obvious. Failure to fully understand the vulnerabilities in your supply chain could result in damaging business interruption. This can be avoided by holding strategic inventory or evaluating alternatives. SCAIR® enables a cost benefit analysis of the value of investing in contingency plans against the value at risk.

'Acts of God' don't cut it with the board
SCAIR® helps you keep your supply chains running. In an increasingly dynamic, global business environment, maintaining continuity of supply is the key. Understanding the value at risk at each point in your supply chain will enable you to focus on your critical vulnerabilities. SCAIR® guides you through a detailed analysis of your exposures and calculates the impact of single supply point failures across your product portfolio.