Supply Chain Risk Analysis

What’s the Solution?

SCAIR®’s intuitive flowchart driven interface allows both Risk and Supply Chain Professionals to map critical supply points and estimate exposures.

Business Interruption Loss Estimation

Map supply chains and estimate your exposure at each critical step.

In an increasingly dynamic, global business environment, ensuring the security of your product supply chain is key. Failure to understand the vulnerable links in your supply chain will limit your ability to:

  • Effectively manage your stock or alternative sourcing arrangements to provide a level of risk that is acceptable to your business.
  • Respond appropriately and decisively to failures in your supply chain.

SCAIR® will enable you to collect existing data from your business to estimate the effect on your bottom line, should you lose a critical supply point.

Innovative Risk Software

Risk Management Software

A structured approach to understanding the supply chain risks facing your manufacturing company. A user friendly tool which allows you to:

  • Map out your critical supply points in a process flow diagram
  • Produce loss estimates for failures in your supply chain which could result in a supply interruption
  • Generate site and supplier risk profiles across your portfolio of products

By focusing on the value at risk you can prioritise your supply chain risk management efforts.