A pharma manufacturer rapidly assesses the impact of major hurricanes on critical suppliers and gets a headstart on rivals in the search for alternatives.

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted a detailed picture of its manufacturing supply chain dependencies as part of a risk mitigation assessment.

The business decided that materials management/procurement systems were inadequate for the task, as they often don’t hold manufacturing location data. Instead, they are more likely to have a record of an agent or distributor of the manufacturer. Also, these systems are designed to prioritise risk based on spend, rather than value at risk, which makes it difficult to prioritise the mitigation of suppliers that could be the most financially damaging if impaired.

The risk director used SCAIR® to identify and quantify the locations that presented most financial risk to the business; and the Natural Catastrophe alerting tool to provide the procurement team with information about their most exposed supply locations.

A biopharma supplier undertakes a supply chain risk analysis to demonstrate its rigorous approach to client fulfilment

A supplier to major biopharmaceutical companies was identified as the sole source of certain biopharma materials. Consequently, one of these companies required evidence of the supplier’s supply chain risk analysis, as part of a due diligence exercise.

Furthermore, the supplier was coming under pressure internally from the finance team to reduce working capital in the form of safety stock. However, the supply chain leads were concerned about the message this would send about the resilience of their supply chains to customers.