Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting

Our team of highly experienced risk experts are at hand to deliver a wide range of consulting services over and above the basic SCAIR® package. From complex data management to insurance decisions, we can guide you along some of the most crucial aspects of your business’s supply chain risk management process.

The following consultancy support options are available depending on the maturity of your organisation’s supply chain risk management business processes:

Pilot Study – Focussed Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Does your organisation need to be persuaded to invest in a new business process for supply chain risk quantification? We can perform a SCAIR® pilot study which focusses on specific products or areas that are important to your organisation. Our consultants can help you extract the relevant data and opinion for in-scope products and exposure estimates as well as summarise the application of these outputs. You can then build a business case for full scale roll out. Better still, you don’t need to have bought a copy of SCAIR® to access these services.

Immature Process – Full Business Integration Support

Not only does SCAIR® manage your supply chain risk data and generate loss estimates, it also performs the challenging task of piecing together several internal data sources and expert opinion from a range of departments to streamline your supply chain risk management process (e.g. Finance, Business Development, Procurement, QA and Asset Management).

Our experts can help you avoid common pitfalls and make the process as efficient as possible. Our consultants are available over an extended time period to work alongside your team to define, set up and embed the best business process.

Maturing Process – Optimisation Support

We can review and test existing supply chain risk management business processes to ensure that they are thoroughly optimised. Our experts will not only extract the relevant data sources, but also ensure that your business gets the full spectrum of benefits from SCAIR’s outputs.

Our consultants can do an optimisation study, generate a report with recommendations for improvements as well as create an implementation plan using SCAIR® as the tool to improve process efficiency.

Established Process – Data Structuring Support

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

Your business has a well-established process for supply chain risk management, but all of that information is currently held in spreadsheets and supply chain diagrams spread around the business. In other words it’s a data management nightmare.

Our consultants can advise you on how to use SCAIR® to gather existing information from a range of departments and convert it into a format and structure best suited for your organisation. You’ll also learn how to optimise the quality of loss exposures and the structure of SCAIR® reports based on industry best practice.

Improved Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Decision Making

Once SCAIR® has collected and processed the relevant parameters, our consultants can advise you on how to make the best use of the outputs. Typical areas for advice include:

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Evaluation of which strategy is right for the most vulnerable supply chain nodes (e.g. build strategic stock, invest in the qualification of alternatives etc.)

Business Continuity Planning

Develop appropriate contingency plans where mitigation is not possible.

Building Cost-Risk-Benefit Plans

Use SCAIR® outputs to justify appropriate investment and get biggest bang for your risk mitigation buck.

Internal Audit Planning

Use the SCAIR® hit list to focus your resources on most exposed sites for loss prevention audits.

Corporate Insurance Programme Design

Where mitigation is not possible, financial risk transfer can be the most cost effective option. SCAIR® can help you decide what insurance limits and retentions are most appropriate to your complex organisation.