Better Insurance Planning and Risk Profiling with SCAIR’s Data and Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

It’s the mantra that defines most businesses’ investment in supply chain risk management. From an insurance point of view, insurers are looking for better visibility of your business’s supply chain so they can underwrite its supply chain risk. Give them total visibility across all data at multiple tiers of the supply chain and they have a robust and quantified risk profile that they can underwrite and sell.

Our supply chain risk data and analytics can help you analyse and visualise the main outputs from SCAIR® helping to inform your insurance plans. We can analyse own site and supplier risk profiles in order to help you build bespoke Business Interruption insurance programmes. This information can also enable access to expanded coverage and triggers.

You’ll also be able to illustrate your risk improvement plans with our year-on-year exposure modelling. For e.g. we can help you find out how the number of sites or suppliers above a certain financial exposure threshold can change between annual data review cycles – an important step towards risk mitigation.

Better Insurance Decisions

Stronger Risk Mitigation