SCAIR® Partners

Quality in = Quality Out

SCAIR™ provides an effective and efficient way to collect and manage supply chain risk management data.

The quality of the loss estimates that SCAIR™ can generate is a function of the quality of the internal business data and predictions that it draws its information from.

Only the end-user has the insight to refine the inputs and translate the outputs, but initial assistance from specialist risk consultancies will kick start the process to ensure a successful conclusion.

‘Success’ in this context, is a living supply chain risk management process that:

  • integrates and depends on existing business processes
  • generates loss predictions that can inform and influence key business decisions.

Preferred Supply Chain Risk Consultancies:

In order to achieve that aim, we recommend the following highly respected risk and supply chain consultancies, to get SCAIR™ off to the best possible start within your organisation.

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