Natural Disaster Alerts – Identify Major Geographical Interruption Risks with SCAIR®

Limit the impact of extreme weather on your raw materials supply

Your organisation’s preparedness for a natural disaster can make or break its supply chain. Natural disasters pose a significant threat to supply chains globally. The resulting raw materials scarcity and production delays on just one site can lead to international product shortages seriously damaging a brand and its profits.

SCAIR’s Natural Catastrophe Alerting module is a crucial step in the initial risk assessment process that can help save your organisation millions. The module provides warnings of hurricanes and reports of earthquakes and floods. These alerts are mapped on your supply chain’s critical locations so you have a visual representation of the disasters’ path and the supply points which are most at risk.

Enhance your supply chain’s disaster preparedness with SCAIR’s Natural Disaster Alerts

Once you’ve identified the impact of the natural disaster on your supply chain, you can invoke local Business Continuity Plans to limit damage. These could include shutting down facilities and re-routing products in a controlled manner, and enabling rapid response.

Get the Competitive Edge with SCAIR’s Natural Disaster Alerts