Keep Pace and Stay in Control

In an increasingly dynamic, global business environment, ensuring the security of your product supply chain is key.

Recent studies suggest that with the move towards globalisation, the concentration of manufacturing in certain geographical areas and the need to reduce working capital, supply chains are becoming more fragile and less well controlled.

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SCAIR® will lead you towards the securing of your supply chains by enabling understanding and quantification of supply chain vulnerabilities.

Corporate Governance

…is an overhead. SCAIR® will help you to demonstrate good corporate governance, generate a highly auditable contribution to your corporate risk register

Improved decision making

The outputs from SCAIR® will enable you understand vulnerable supply points. This will enable you to make value judgements to:

  • More effectively manage stock or alternative sourcing arrangements to provide a level of risk that is acceptable to your business.
  • Respond appropriately and decisively to failures in your supply chain by having more robust contingency plans in place.
  • Evaluate ‘make or buy’ decisions in full knowledge of the risks that you may be outsourcing. Avoid the assessment of criticality of outsourced activities by spend alone. Focus on the value at risk.

Improved Insurance Cover

The rigour of the estimation process and the resulting risk profiles will provide the means to purchase wide ranging insurance cover.

This includes the opportunity to buy innovative insurance cover such as Non Damage Business Interruption.