Medical Devices Supply Chain Management Software

Medical Devices Supply Chain Management Software

We understand the impact a recall, poor inspection outcome, or import ban can have on your medical devices supply chain. That’s why global medical equipment and device companies rely on SCAIR® to help secure their supply chains. Its unique functionality caters to the stringent regulatory requirements faced by medical technology manufacturers today.

Through tools such as the Regulatory Incident Monitor, SCAIR® provides visibility of previous enforcement actions and inspection outcomes that can cause supply chain interruptions. This data can be used to build a history of your supply base’s quality performance. By investigating root cause of incidents, you will be able to address these issues quicker and create your own robust post market surveillance system.
The Supply Node Exposure Estimator is another vital solution that can show you the weak links in your businesses’ supply chain and produce loss estimates for supply failures. This tool has been used by multi-national device companies to identify and quantify component/polymer supplier dependencies that have the potential to impact their product portfolio.

These services can help inform the relevant mitigating actions to help improve your supply chain strength.


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