Applicable Industries for SCAIR®

SCAIR Supply Chain Industries

Originally designed by pharmaceutical managers, SCAIR® can also be applied beyond the bio-pharma industry in other high value, multi-stage production sectors such as medical devices, speciality chemicals, telecoms and engineering.

SCAIR® can make a real difference to the supply chain risk assessment process in industries where ensuring the security of a multi-stage supply base is crucial. The application of a quantified supply chain risk management process can provide a compelling business case to mitigate vital cross portfolio supplier dependencies.

Critical Multi-Tier Supplier Status Monitoring and Foresight

According to a KPMG survey, just 13% of global manufacturers have complete visibility of their Tier 2 suppliers and beyond*.

SCAIR® provides a competitive advantage with its unique multi-tier supplier status monitoring tools which can model threats and provide impact assessments before an actual event. The Natural Disaster Alerts can provide early warnings of disruptions to every single critical supply point. The Supply Node Exposure Estimator facilitates the assessment of the impact of disruptions before they happen at first, second and nth tier suppliers. These functions were particularly useful to our clients when hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017. SCAIR® produced natural disaster alerts on Maria’s impact on the cluster of pharmaceutical production facilities based in Puerto Rico, thus enabling clients to put mitigating strategies in place and protect their stock.

Such valuable insights can help protect supply chains in a variety of multi-stage production industries.

*Source – KPMG International 2016 Global Manufacturing Outlook survey

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