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SCAIR®: Specialist Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Software

Every pharmaceutical organisation is keen to address the growing vulnerability of its global supply chain networks. World-wide drug shortages in particular – the 2011 crisis notably – are a constant threat. The recently published 2017 FDA Drug Shortage Report to Congress shows the number of new drug shortages on the rise again in 2017 although nowhere near the peak of 2011. A push towards cost reduction as well as increasing regulatory scrutiny means that life sciences supply chains no longer have the slack to absorb the impact of any quality deviations.

Developed by pharmaceutical experts, SCAIR® addresses the issue of pharma supply chain risk with its unique functionality geared towards some of the specific challenges facing the industry today. For example:

The Incident Monitor Module was developed specifically for the pharma sector. It collects non-compliance information from the FDA and EMA sources to allow you to build a picture of a company’s incident history and keep track of latest compliance events.
The Supply Node Exposure Estimator can be used to quantify company-wide dependencies on single suppliers, for which the value at risk may be high whilst the spend with the supplier maybe relatively small.

Award-Winning SCAIR® Is Trusted by Top Pharma

When you invest in SCAIR® you can rest assured that you are using a tool that is trusted by industry experts and innovators alike.

SCAIR® has won insurance and risk industry recognition with a Business Insurance Innovation Award. It is currently used by three out of the top twelve global pharmaceutical companies as an essential supply chain mapping and risk assessment tool. It has helped these organisations visualise their end-to-end supply chains and quantify financial losses resulting from supply chain failures.

SCAIR® has also been supporting the development of a more integrated end-to-end pharma supply chain for the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) ReMediES project consortium.

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