How does it work?

SCAIR® allows you to analyse your portfolio on a product by product basis. You draw your supply chain and build up the risk data for each supply point as you go.

The loss estimation is then calculated for each supply point and each product, and any cross product accumulations are calculated instantly.

You only enter data in one place to generate the diagram and the loss estimate.

Underlying Assumptions

SCAIR® gives impact only loss estimates to allow you to prioritise the links in your supply chain that could hit your bottom line hardest. Probability is taken into account only in terms of the scenario that you chose to model i.e. worst case scenario or most credible worst case scenario, etc.

SCAIR® provides a snap shot of your chosen scenario, based on business forecasts. It therefore needs to be reviewed in line with updates in these forecasts.

What kinds of loss can it be applied to?

SCAIR® is designed to help you estimate the impact of serious incidents which result in significant interruption to product supply.

It’s up to you to chose what threat scenario is most pertinent to your supply chains. Initial risk management advice is available to help you to determine your focus.

Threats can be internal or external to your organisation, within or outside of your control, physical or commercial or even regulatory. The emphasis is on serious interruptions, with particular attention paid to any common mode or systemic threats that could simultaneously have multiple impacts on your supply chain.

The terminology used is defined by you to make it relevant to the language used by your organisation.