What data do you need?

SCAIR® will enable you to collect data from your business to estimate the effect on your bottom line, should you lose a critical supply point.

All the data you need already exists as part of other critical processes such as forecasting, production planning, supplier management.

There are two main types:

  • Product related data – sales, gross margin, stock policy
  • Location specific – location details, activities, local stock, alternative sources.

SCAIR® aims to break down the initial challenges of complexity by only asking for the minimum information possible to arrive at the first pass loss estimates. These will be refined through experience and future iteration.

What does it generate?

  • Simple supply chain diagrams highlighting the difference between internal and external locations.
  • Individual loss estimates for each supply chain points and portfolio wide accumulations.
  • Summary reports showing the accumulated vulnerabilities of internal and external supply points across your portfolio.